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* Do you know what the CAA record is?

Suggested article: What is CAA record?

The CAA record is the Certification Authority Authorization record. It is one of the DNS records, and its function is to give rights to issue certificates for a domain to a 3rd party.

How to add a CAA record?

The main components of the CAA record are:

  • Value – Certification Authority’s domain name
  • Flag – set the flag to critical or not critical. To issue or not to issue.
  • Type – the exact type of the certificate which can be issue, issuewild, iodef

Creating a CAA record on a domain level will also cover the subdomains. If you want to make one for and you have, too, you don’t need an extra DNS record. Specific hostnames also can have CAA records.

More information about the DNS CAA records can be easily accessible here!